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About Us

QUICKFIT SAFETY BELT SERVICES, established by Bill Quick in the early 1960s have been fitting seat belts into cars and commercial vehicles for nearly 50 years and is "The expert" in this field.

In 1963 there were nearly 70 companies manufacturing seat belts for the new legislation due to come into force in 1964, though none of these companies exist under their original names or in some cases not at all. Quickfit Seat Belt Services is the sole survivor of this period, a testament to our excellence in the seat belt services field.

Run by Stuart Quick since the early 1980s, we have been reproducing and fitting seat belts to the original specifications of those manufactured during the 1960s and early 1970s for classic cars, and manufacture seat belts to modern specifications too, covering all ages and types of vehicles.

We ensure that all seat belts we produce are manufactured under European standard R16 and under ISO9002 quality control procedures and are either tested to European standard R16 for Modern seat belts or to British standard BS3254 for period style seat belts for vehicles up to 1973.

Quick Fit Seat Belt Services