Quickfit - Safety Belt Service

Seat Belt Fitting Service

Quick Fit Safety Belt Services have been fitting seat belts and other restrain systems in to all types of vehicles for nearly 50 years. In addition to providing us with an unrivalled level of experience and expertise, we can also lay claim that we are the only company within UK that manufactures and fit seat belts under one roof.

Seat belts are designed to protect your well being and your life so it is important that they are fitted in such a way that they will do just that. Fitting them in to your car is not just a simply matter of finding a suitably strong mounting points. It is also important to understand how the seat belt works, how the angle of the webbing should fit over your shoulder or across you lap to make sure that in the event they are needed they will do what they have been designed for to optimum effect. A badly fitted seat belt may cause injury instead of help!

We offer very competitive labour charges, and in most cases offer 2 to 3 hour turnaround for a pair of belts. This however, will depend on the vehicle, as with some cars it may take 1 to 2 days and up to 40 hours, though this is an exception.

Seat Belt Aesthetic

All of the photos displayed within the seat belt gallery represents the type of work carried out within our workshop. The photos shown within our gallery show that when fitting a seat belt, we not only care about the actual functionality of the seat belt itself, but also take into consideration the aesthetic value that a seat belt style can bring to a vehicle.

A good example of this would be when fitting rear seat belts; one of the options available is actually having the retractors being mounted inside the boot or on top of the rear parcel shelf.