Quickfit - Safety Belt Service

Seat Belts

All our static and inertia seat belts come in two key styles, period style and modern style. A number of options are available for both types of seat belt, which are detailed below.

Modern Style Seat Belts

Modern style seat belts are constructed from black webbing, with black plastic buckles operated with red/orange release buttons. All modern seat belts are able to be constructed from any coloured webbing available within our range, and certain ones may also be constructed with chrome buckles and fittings.

Period Style Seat belts

All of our period style seat belts come with chrome aircraft style buckles and the choice of coloured webbing. A key point regarding period style buckle seat belts is that that under UK regulations period style buckles are not suitable for cars manufactured after December 1972, and are not recommended for children aged below 11 or 12 years of age.

Seat Belt Prices

Seat belt pricing starts from £35 for modern static belts, £65 for period static seat belts, £53.50 for modern inertia belts and £83.50 for period inertia seat belts.

Please note all that above prices are for basic seat belts, and do not include the cost of any additional custom parts or brackets, and are for a single unit only. All prices are excluding VAT, P&P and fitting.

Example of Chrome Seat Belt BuckleTraditional Black Plastic Seat Belt Buckle