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Seatbelts for Modern Vehicles (After 1972)

All seat belts are manufactured under European standard R16 and under ISO9002 quality control procedures and are either tested to European standard R16 for Modern seat belts or to British standard BS3254 for period style seat belts for vehicles up to 1973.

We offer a variety of types of seat belt for your classic car: All our seat belts are available in Period style with chrome buckle (suitable for cars built and registered up to end of 1972) and modern style with a modern black plastic buckle. Modern buckles can be used in any year of vehicle.


If you are going to carry children there are rules that should be followed to ensure they travel safely:
  • Children under the age of 12 or under 1.35 metres in height must use a suitable child restraint. This can be a problem with some vehicles where they is limited space either width or height and it could be argued in some cases that the child would be safer without the aid of a booster seat or cushion. For more information on this subject please call our help line

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  • For some applications a full harness will be more appropriate than an adult seat belt. We produce full harnesses suitable for children from approximately 4 years of age through to adult. He children’s harnesses are of the same or similar design to standard adult racing harnesses but of a scale suitable for children

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We have set out information which will help you decide on the type of seat belt you want and how they can be fitted to you type of vehicle.

First we list the type of seat belt and the configurations they are available in.

You can then find the type of vehicle you have and see some idea’s as to how seat belts can be fitted.

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