Quickfit - Safety Belt Service

Static Lap Straps

Lap straps can be used in the front and rear of cars but there are legislative restrictions as given below.

Lap straps are not a legal fit for front seats in Europe for post 1963 cars and we would not recommend them unless it really is your only option. For American cars or cars in America this is not a Legal issue and Lap straps can be fitted to vehicles up to the end of 1972. (Please check with your Local vehicle license office to ensure you are within your local legislation)

For vehicles registered from 1973, it is only permissible to fit lap straps in the rear, however from vehicles built from 2007 onwards, it is only permissible to have Lap & Diagonal seat belts fitted.

The lap section of any seat belt or harness should fit below you hipbone and across the upper most part of you thigh and not over your waist.

You can choose from a standard lap strap or with the 75mm pad.

Please contact us for details on this and other options.