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Automatic Lap and Diagonals

Automatic Lap and DiagonalsAutomatic seat belts were introduced in the late 1960s. Jaguar was one of the first manufacturers to offer them as an optional extra.

Just because your car was not designed to fit Automatic seat belts to, does not mean they cannot be retro fitted.

Automatic Lap and Diagonals applications are suitable for vehicles manufactured at anytime even with front bench seats. However, with those, it is difficult to fit cable stalks and we would recommend you use webbing buckle with the buckles.

The retractors used for Automatic (inertia reel) seat belts are designed to work at specific angles and have a tolerance of approximately 8 from their designated angle. The standard angles that are available are as shown below.

Modern seat belts using cable stalks for the front are known as single handed seat belts, as the rigid buckle (stalk) allows the seat belt to be worn with just one hand as opposed to both hands with webbing buckles. Cable stalks and bladed buckles must be used in post 1972 vehicles for front applications unless a bench seat has been fitted.

We have a full range of different anchor plates and either webbing, bladed or cable buckle options. Webbing buckles range from 150mm through to 450mm as standard, plus there are options for adjustable webbing buckles. Bladed buckles come in 90, 126, 140 and 185mm lengths. Cable stalks are 200, 310, 350, 450 and 525mm lengths as standard.

Automatic seat belts have front and rear seat applications. Front seat belts would normally use a cable buckle (stalk) bladed buckle and rear seats would normally require a webbing buckle.