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Static Lap and Diagonals

Fitted to most European made cars between 1963 through to the early/mid 1970ís

In parts of Europe and the USA, some cars were fitted Diagonal only seat belts, though this was not an option for the UK. We would recommend Lap and diagonals over diagonal only seat belts, as there will not be an issue over finding a suitable mounting point in the floor or sill for most vehicles.

Static Lap and diagonals can be fitted in the front or the rear of most vehicles.

Period Style Static Lap and Diagonals

Static Lap and DiagonalsThese are manufactured to the same design specifications original seat belt made during the 1960ís and early to mid 1970ís

We have a full range of options available for anchor plates and offer both original period style adjuster or modern adjuster (a must for rear seat applications) depending on your choice and the vehicle (a modern adjuster can be easier to use in some vehicles but is not imperative).

Modern Static Lap and Diagonals

Static Lap and Diagonals Available with a range of different anchor plate and buckle options, suitable for use in the front or the rear of the vehicle.

Please note that for most vehicles a webbing buckle should be used for rear seat applications.

If you require a Modern Static Lap and Diagonal for the front in a vehicle with Bench seats you can use the long adjustable webbing buckles as cable stalks are not generally suitable for this type of seating.